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Course Overview

Learn to select, format, and use all the FAR clauses and provisions quickly and correctly. This course fills a critical void by supplying participants with a thorough examination of all the FAR clauses and provisions, enabling course graduates to create solicitations and contracts quickly and correctly or to quickly review solicitations and contracts created by others catching all mistakes or inconsistencies in clause and provision usage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the definitions of clauses, provisions, terms & conditions; the proper formatting, use and numbering; the correct implementation/supplementation of clauses and provisions; and the clauses and provisions that address clauses and provisions.
  • Describe when deviations, modifications and waivers to clauses and provisions are authorized and why understanding which clauses and provisions are rooted in statute is critical. Also describe the appropriate authority and procedures to correctly implement, supplement, deviate, modify or waive clauses and provisions.
  • Summarize the FAR clause/provision matrix; identify the limitations of the matrix for quick and accurate usage in selecting clauses and provisions; and categorize the various clauses and provisions into taxonomies for easier selection and review in on-the-job usage.
  • Understand the implications of common solicitation and contract mistakes and how to avoid them including failing to use a required clause; using clauses that are inconsistent with each other; and using clauses that are inappropriate or not required.
  • Practice selecting and reviewing clauses and provisions in multiple real-world and current solicitations and contracts via several individual and group exercises to facilitate rapid and accurate clause and provision selections.
  • Apply the knowledge gained to correctly include/exclude clauses and provisions to solicitations and contracts of all values; contract types; contracting methods; and various other elements (e.g., socioeconomic preferences; specific products or services; etc.).

Recommended For: Contracting Officers and Specialists at all levels who desire or require a comprehensive understanding of the FAR clauses and provisions for accurate use and application. Students should have a basic understanding of the FAR prior to taking the course (generally obtained by taking a CON 090 course equivalent or via 1-2 years of On-the-Job Training).

Format/Duration: This is a five-day course delivered via the use of lectures, discussions, group/individual exercises; and an assessment (which must be completed with a score of 70% or higher to receive a course certificate).

Individual Student                             


Group of up to 25 (dedicated delivery)