Small Business Consultations

Georgette Dilworth-

Ms. Dilworth is an engaging instructor with over 30 years of experience as a government contract specialist/ contracting officer (1102) at many different locations.  She is particularly well versed in all aspects of the FAR and DFARS. Her last 10 years she worked as the Assistant Director for Small Business Programs and the Associate director for DCMA as well as in Business Development for SBA.   She has work as the Program Manager for the HUBZone Program as well as conduct reviews for the Small Business Development Center in Virginia.   She is currently teaching at Notary Nerds University Teaching Notaries, and the Farming Community about Small Business Programs

She started her career at the Long Beach Navy Shipyard in Purchasing and worked her way up to Contract Specialist/and Contracting Officer at SUPSHIP.  She has worked at many locations including and has been a pillar in the community while working in Yuma AZ, she received Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community, recognition for Outstanding Performance from the Office of Small Business Programs, Certificate of Appreciation from U.S. Army Material Command, House Recognition from the Arizona State House of Representatives for improving the lives of people, demonstrating the power and resilience of the human spirit, Certificate of Recognition, from the Elite Service Disabled Veteran Owned Network, Certificate of Appreciation from Chief of Staff John. R. Gingrich from the Department of Veteran Affairs, Outstanding performance from DCMA Mentor Protégé Program and many more. She has also achieved Level 3 Contracting Certification and received Many Awards from various military leaders.

 She has worked with supplies and services (at all levels of complexity), within the United States and overseas, and with the full range of Fixed Priced and Cost Reimbursement Contracts.   She extensively used all types of indefinite-delivery ordering contracts including the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules and various Government-Wide-Area-Contracts (GWACs).  Though an 1102, she made it her business to thoroughly learn all the SAP policies and procedures for purchase orders, use of the Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card (GCPC), blanket purchase agreements (BPAs).  Throughout her career she used her thirst for knowledge to constantly obtain increased exposure and experience to as many aspects of the career field as she could. She excelled in all positions through passionately sharing that knowledge and experience by creating and delivering quality targeted training.